Jamie Lee Reed
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The ambiguity of these images which seemingly have not yet been formed or are now in a process of deterioration leaves the viewer without traditional cues, to define place, time and meaning. Inner dialog is decreased and what takes its place, is akin to the lessons taught by Kandinsky which, encourages the evocation of "spiritual resonance" by stripping form down to its essence and laying it bare.

It comes with the darkness. Obscured by the hum of daylight endeavors, it is found here in the heart of dim shadows. No longer separable or dispersed, a traveler steps out of body and into a place of personal dissolution. Descending deeper into the darkness, the individual slips past the fragile periphery of the self and into an uncertain, blinding wholeness.

The video work Obake Yashiki (Haunted House) pulls familiar archetypes out of a formless purgatory, slowly actualizing their ghostly figures as they 'enter' our consciousness. As they reveal themselves and take form, we find the transformation might just be out of our control. The work looks to examine humankind's hidden nature, which—like Aladdin's Magic Lamp—can manifest itself in perplexing ways once the genie is out of the bottle.

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