Jamie Lee Reed
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35 mm project, darkroom experimentation

The photography series ‘Remains’ employs hands-on darkroom manipulation to express the transformative nature of recollection. Using layers of plastic to veil the photographic paper under the enlarger while burning the image, the process mirrors the distortion of an original memory by the layering of time. Memories become less clear and distorted each time they are recalled, and the act of grasping for them can subtly shift our recollection and emotions, adding to the layers of distortion. The dreamlike quality added through darkroom manipulation creates a delicate and diaphanous atmosphere, evoking the struggle to glimpse the small bit of clarity beyond the veil of a fading past. ‘Remains’ offers a haunting and beautiful in-between space for viewers to contemplate the delicate and ephemeral nature of memory.

The artist also recognizes the implicit message within these charred images, serving as a haunting premonition and a call to action amidst a warming world. If we neglect to address it, will what was once so familiar be consumed by flames, leaving only fragmented memories behind?

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