Jamie Lee Reed
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Untitled: 8mm Film to Digital

Untitled: 8mm Film to Digital

People, places and scenes from the past emerge out of murky, undulating forms. These distant memories seem to endlessly unfurl and reappear in new arrangements, trapped in chimerical reconstructions until they are somehow unlocked.

While reworking old reels of 8mm film taken during my mother’s youth, there was a pervasive realization that my own form cannot exist independently from these images—despite the fact the footage was shot two to three decades before my birth. Taken by my grandfather before the premature death of my grandmother to cancer, familiar scenes like playground merry-go-rounds to ice skating or days at the beach assume a dream-like feel.

As I worked with the forms moving in and off the screen, I had a sense that I was somehow present within the images, as though I was pulling scenes from an old dream of my own. This sense of reflection inspired the development of this work, as I explored these unseen connections brought by bloodline, while also touching on universal themes of childhood discovery, and the cycles of death and rebirth.

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