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COLD SOUP by (秋山徹次) Tetuzi Akiyama & Che Chen

Tokyo-based guitarist, Tetuzi Akiyama, and New York’s Che Chen released a beautiful LP with my photography. Please have a listen.

COLD SOUP (w/ Tetuzi AKIYAMA 秋山徹次)

by Tetuzi Akiyama & Che Chen

First release from this duo of Tokyo-based guitarist, Tetuzi Akiyama, and New York’s Che Chen. Akiyama is in rare “Don’t Forget to Boogie” form here; his heavily distorted, locomotive guitar lines chugging away as Chen’s electrified fiddle drones, screeches and scrapes. Sine wave generators and a modified tape delay round out the mix. Sidelong live track on one side, studio jams on the flip. Released on Jozef Van Wissem’s Incunabulum Records.
released 21 November 2012
Tetuzi Akiyama: electric guitar
Che Chen: violin / sine wave generators

A1 Recorded live at Soup, Tokyo on February 19, 2011 by Che Chen and Soup
B1, B2, & B3 Recorded at Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo on February 24, 2012 by Amephone

Executive Producer: Jozef Van Wissem
Editing and Mastering: Che Chen
Layout and Design: Michele Colomer and Che Chen
Front Cover photo: Jamie Reed (Soup, 2/19/11)

Thanks to: Cal Lyall, Seiji Hayakawa (Kid Ailack Art Hall), the crew at Soup and Robbie Lee


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